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Benefits of a Great Divorce Attorney

What an Ohio Divorce Lawyer Can Provide to You:

Save You Money in the Long Run

Protect your assets and make sure you get your fair share. Otherwise, the costs of being in a divorce can add up.

The Knowledge to Succeed

Talk with someone that will have handled hundreds of divorce cases and know your situation intimately.

Professionalism and Commitment

Find a Divorce Lawyer that will be by your side the entire time and will minimize the stress and cost of your divorce.

The 3 Keys to Handling a Difficult Divorce

The strain of a divorce can be overwhelming both financially and emotionally. Here's some tips for handling it:

Most individuals tend to worry about the expenses associated with hiring an Ohio divorce attorney. However, the law requires that both individuals in a divorce receive comparable representation. Therefore, if one person in a divorce makes significantly more than the other, they may be required to pay for a portion of their spouse/husband's attorney expenses.

  • 1

    Know Which Type of Divorce You Face

    There are many different types of divorce and each may be best handled in different ways. Some of the different types of divorce include uncontested divorce, contested divorce, and military divorce. Make sure you know the process for dealing with each, the process for filing a petition for dissolution of marriage, and take note of all your grounds for divorce.

  • 2

    Have a Post-Divorce Plan Ready

    Living on one income instead of two can be a major change. Make sure you know what your expenses will be and what you can and can't afford. Also, make sure you have a plan in place for sharing parental responsibility and make sure you agree on how property will be divided between the two of you.

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    Get an Experienced Divorce Attorney

    An experienced Ohio divorce lawyer can help you stay up to date on all the new divorce laws and guide you through the entire process. A divorce attorney can help you file the proper paperwork, arrange mediation services so that both parties in the divorce can resolve any remaining disagreements, help you retain child custody or seek child support, and more.

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